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Instrumental chamber works for both formal and informal settings

A Christmas Set

Delightfully expanding upon three festive holiday airs, this set adds a smile to performers and audiences alike as a part of any serious or whimsical Christmas program. Merrily on High borrows from the best of Handel and Bach in a dynamic and grand baroque-interpretation. Kick up your heels in Three Ships which by its fast-moving melody and open-harmony drones, transports one to enjoy a holiday reel in the British Isles. A tender and lyrical Silent Night concludes this collection, soon to be a holiday favorite of your own. (Catalogue PM4002)

Viola, Piano
Score Sample

Premiered by violist Leticia Oaks Strong of the Los Angeles Philharmonic


Dance-like, melodious, romantic, pensive, longing— all describe this award-winning composition for the little-written concert combination of soprano saxophone and piano. A delight for both audiences and performers, Epilogue builds upon the rich romantic harmonic tradition, as well as the styles of art song, and the rhythms and figurations of more contemporary jazz. Fully appropriate for musicians of concert or jazz backgrounds and their interpretations. Duration: 9 minutes. (Catalogue PM4001)

Soprano Saxophone, Piano
Score Sample

Award Winning Composition of the 1994 Jacksonville Delius Festival