A Special Group of Young Singers

In the world of youth choirs, East Texas is home to something special. Voices of Faith is a stellar group of teenagers from home school families throughout the region who come together on Wednesday afternoons to sing and fellowship. Directed with a special love by Pam Eikner, these 80+ young people (including their younger counterparts in Voices of Hope), truly represent what we would hope for in our youth today in values, cheer and spirit.

It has been my great pleasure to work with them on many occasions, and a growing number of their ranks have joined us as college students at UT Tyler, for which I couldn't be more pleased. Last week our university Concert Chorale collaborated with them in a portion of their spring concert, and I believe it was as much fun for us as as it was for them as we performed together Gyorgy Orban's dynamic, Daemon Irrepit Callidus.

Keep going Mrs. Eikner and Voices of Faith! You are all awesome!